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Publications available in the office – Contact us for your copy 

  • Playful World Booklet/DVD Set – A Selection of Games from Around the World
  • An Easy Guide to Childcare Programmes – What Your Local City/County Childcare Committee can do for you.
  • “Say No to Poisons” and Accessories.
  • A County Childcare Committee Support Guide to Developing and Running a Parent and Toddler Group
  • Aistear Posters
  • Aistear Play tip sheets for Parents

Publications for Parents:

  • Barnardos Parenting Positively Collection
    • Teenage Well-being
    • Helping Teenagers Cope with Seperation
    • Helping Teenagers Cope with Domestic Abuse
    • Helping Teenagers Cope with Parents Drug or Alcohol Abuse
  • “Partners in Learning – A Parent’s Guide to Partnership in Childcare”
  • Learning Together – A Parents Guide to Early Childhood Learning
  • Parents guide to Child Care (Pre-school) Services Regulations 2006
  • Our Children First: Parents Guide to the National Child Protection Guidance

Downloadable Publications

Making It All Add Up

In April, Pobal, with the support of City/County Childcare Committees, developed a resource entitled “Making It All Add Up – a Sustainability Resource for Childcare Providers”. The resource addresses the issue of sustainability and aims to provide some practical guidance to childcare providers as they deal with the economic challenges currently facing many businesses in Ireland. It includes some mechanisms for services to self-evaluate, to ask the difficult questions about the services they offer, how they operate, how much they can charge and what they can actually afford to offer in terms of making it all add up.

The resource is currently available for all beneficiaries to download – Click Here

State of the Nation’s Children Report: Ireland 2012

This Report, which is the fourth in a biennial series, presents administrative, survey and Census data on children’s lives; and was compiled by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs in association with the Central Statistics Office and the Health Promotion Research Centre at National University of Ireland, Galway.

The report is available to download here

Guidelines on Outdoor Play Facilities for Preschool Services

This guidebook was developed by Preschool Inspector and it give tips and guidelines in planning for children’s play outdoors.

The guide is available to download here

Questions Asked to the HSE from the Early Years Sector 

The HSE have published a question and answer document that has been prepared based on questions submitted in 2012 from Early Years Service Providers, Childcare Organisations and County & City Childcare Committees. The aim of this document is to assist the sector to understand the regulatory requirement and assist in compliance with the Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006. The National Standards for Preschool Services [DOHC 2010] are referenced throughout the document.

Click  to download “Questions Asked to the HSE from the Early Years Sector”

They have also 3 accompanying appendices which gives guidelines for developing an outings policy and for developing protocol/procedure for the administration of medication. They also have a list of required documents for inspection. They are available to download below: